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Our Mission

To help people of developing countries help themselves through education and grassroots programs, while providing an opportunity for people in the United States to learn about global issues and experience the joy of helping others.

Recent News

Field Report:  Greenhouse Project
Oct 23, 2014

Field Report: Greenhouse Project

Namlo Field Report Date:/Fecha: 08/10/14
Prepared by Rosario Velasquez Mendoza
Community Visited/Nombre de Comunidad: San José del ojoche (Barrio Nuevo)


On Wednesday, the 8th of october, we visited the community of San Jose del Ojoche with the goal of examining the progress of the two …

Nicaragua Field Report for January
Feb 19, 2015

Nicaragua Field Report for January

January 2015 Field Report
Dates of Field Visits: 1/12-14, 1/16, 1/21, 1/22, 1/26-28
Communities visited: Los Pinares, Barrio Nuevo, Salmeron, La Branza (Miraflor)
Summary of Visit:
On Monday, January 12 we began the first field visits of 2015 in Los Pinares. On Tuesday, …

Mankha School Construction Charges Forward
Jan 19, 2015

Mankha School Construction Charges Forward

The rough road up the mountainside to Mankha is only part of the challenge…
The photo of the truck, slowly grinding up the mountainside on a road that, in Colorado, would be considered a dangerous 4×4 trail, …

Some of our Accomplishments for 2014…
Dec 31, 2014

Some of our Accomplishments for 2014…

Our goal is to continuously have more impact and get better at measuring it.  Here’s some of the many achievements for 2014!  This was sent out hardcopy with our last newsletter.
2014 Accomplishments
Namlo completed the construction of Khamdenu School in Nepal that will serve a student population of 351. The community raised $3,118 in labor, $8,698 in in-kind contributions and $905 donated for a school …

The Diffusion of Innovations
Dec 29, 2014

The Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion of Innovations is a book by Everett Rodgers about “how, why and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures”.  It’s also what is unfolding in our Nicaragua country program, as a result of introducing the household greenhouse to improve nutrition and incomes of Nicaragua’s rural poor, just five months ago.