Rebuilding Nepal

We are committed to participate in rebuilding Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of 2015, a task that is not without its share of unexpected challenges. Our most recent efforts were dedicated towards the Raghu Secondary School in Raghu Ward 9, Tanahu. The community of Raghu broke ground on this school in February of 2017. Despite expectations of a July completion, transporting materials proved more challenging than expected given the remote, mountainous location of this community.

The single road to reach the community was blocked on several occasions due to extreme rain or infrastructure improvement construction. Additional topographic challenges required re-designing the structure’s shape from a rectangular building to that of a square. The onset of the rainy season also provided challenges which slowed progress, creating muddy and slippery conditions which augmented the danger of rock and cement transportation.

Despite all of this, the community worked hard for their children.

Many of the community members donated their time to the construction of this school, making it possible to keep costs low and to invest the limited resources in high-quality materials. Without the commitment of the community in Raghu and your generous support, modern learning facility and education experience would not be available to Nepalese children.

Thank you for your support. We are inspired to continue this progress with the Aronodaya secondary school currently in construction. If you would like to support the much needed improvement of educational infrastructure in Nepal, click here to make your donation today.