Empowering Communities & improving livelihoods

We work with community members to identify entrepreneurial activities that not only raise incomes and living standards, but also contribute to the well-being of the community as a whole. This process harnesses the human entrepreneurial spirit, drive for self-improvement and recognition of the inter-relatedness of individuals and communities. This is the cornerstone to building resilient communities and reducing the risk of foreign aid dependency: empowering communities to help themselves.


A model case-study of our asset-based, community-driven approach is the completion of the Women’s Weaving Center in the community of Sabhung, Nepal. Construction of this community center has resulted in employment of many women of Sabhung and allowed them to generate an income and contribute to the domestic market through production of eco-friendly, artisanal fabrics and scarves.

Current projects include:

  • Household Greenhouses for Improved Nutrition and Income

  • Tomato Farming

  • Coffee Project

  • Ginger Project Expansion

  • Livestock Program

  • Women’s Cooperatives

  • Sabhung Women’s Weaving Center