Education Impacts every area of life


Educational opportunities are crucial to young people in rural Nepal with hopes for a better future. In Nepal, most children attend primary school up to age 10, but in remote rural areas there often is not a secondary school near enough for them to complete their education.


As part of our broad-based community-building initiatives, We have constructed four schools in Nepal and four in Nicaragua to date, as well as community centers, school kitchens, water systems, latrines and other aspects of infrastructure.  School construction has a direct, immediate and positive impact on the local community and provides educational opportunities for children where, at times, none existed before. The immediate improvements and increased safety for children that results from a project like this cannot be understated.


High levels of educational performance, are not pre-determined by the construction of a school building, and require more of an investment than just a “brick and mortar” approach. In an effort to follow up on our investments and those made by our generous donors, we seek to foster increased academic performance. We are now planning to expand our methodology to include the provision of educational advisors who will work closely with the school administration, community, local government and students themselves to help establish academic performance as an attainable goal for each school receiving an investment from Namlo International and generous donors like you.