It all started in 1999…

Founded in 1999, Namlo International was started by Magda King, the first woman from Spain to reach the summit of an 8000m peak.  In appreciation for the help she received from the Sherpa people during her expeditions, she wanted to give something back and chose education as the best gift. 

To make the gift a reality, Magda traveled throughout the US, talking about her experiences as a climber and her dream of improving the lives of the Nepali people.  Her presentations raised $10,000 in donations, enough at that time to build an elementary school.  After spending 3 months in rural Nepal helping the community of Yarmasing build a school, she returned to Denver and co-founded Namlo International with her husband, Dr. Hugh King.


Since that first elementary school, Namlo International has continued Magda’s vision and mission of helping communities in Nepal build schools, improve their water supplies, and create community partnerships and income-generating activities.  Namlo commits to communities for five to ten years, developing deep relationships and making truly lasting changes, and has learned that the foundation for successful projects is built on trust and mutual goals.  With permanent offices in Denver, Colorado as well as Kathmandu, Nepal and supporters around the globe, Namlo is poised to carry forward the work of Magda and Hugh King as long as there are communities who are in need.