Everyone deserves access to quality education

Education impacts every area of life, paving the way for greater health and sanitation, gender equality, and familial economic stability. We are driven by a desire to help bright, young boys and girls in Nepal take full advantage of the gift of knowledge. Your generous sponsorship of the eligible students below will generate opportunities that will drastically improve their lives and those of their families.


List of Eligible Students

Laxmi Kumal.jpg

Laxmi Kumal

Laxmi lost her parents as a young child and has been staying with her aunt and uncle. They cannot afford to send her to school, so she is happy to be chosen as a scholarship student with Namlo.

Sponsor Laxmi for one year - $250


Sarita BK

Sarita BK is from a Dalit family in Sabhung. She has been a scholarship student with Namlo for 3 years and is now in 9th grade at Shree Kamdhenu Secondary School. She wants to have the best grades in the school so she reserves time at home to study so she can achieve this. She is very ambitious!

Sponsor Sarita for one year - $250

Samikshya Ale.jpg

Samiksha Ale

Samiksha Ale is 1 of 6 kids in her family. She and her siblings help their mother with agricultural duties while her father works in the Middle East to help make ends meet. She has consistently received good grades in school and we are excited to see where her studies will take her!

Sponsor Samiksha for one year - $250

Prakriti Tamang.jpg

Prakriti Tamang

Prakriti Tamang is a precocious young lady and an avid reader. She has been a scholarship student with Namlo for 3 years and is now in 9th grade at Shree Saraswati Secondary School. Her deep appreciation for the gift of education has inspired her dream to become a teacher once she completes her education!

Sponsor Prakriti for one year - $250